Arthritis Pain Relief through Topical Cream

There are different situations in which regular arthritis medication will not be enough to handle a particular occasion. For instance, if you had a long day of running around from location to location you will see that the regular pain medicine taken in the past will not be enough. This is when individuals need to turn to alternative solutions instead of taking more pain medication, in order to not receive an overdose that could lead to serious complications.

One of the most popular arthritis pain relief solution in the case mentioned above stands in topical creams. The question that needs to be asked is whether or not they are any good in providing a viable arthritis pain relief option. We are dealing with topical pain killers. They are usually sold as patches, creams or lotions and are directly applied on the skin of the joint where pain is felt.

There are three types of topical creams. The first one stands in various creams that make the skin feel cold or hot. These are usually called counterirritants as they will contain various ingredients that irritate the skin. They will mostly aid you in distracting the attention from arthritis pain, thus giving a temporary arthritis pain relief. We also have aspirin like pain rubs. These are usually referred to as topical analgesics and contain salicylates. They offer arthritis pain relief and will reduce joint inflammation as the topical cream gets absorbed by the skin. The last type of topical creams used in arthritis pain relief treatment stands in special creams made out of chili pepper seeds. They contain capsaicin, the ingredient that causes the burning sensation. These are mostly effective with joint pain located in joints that are close to skin surface like elbows, knees or toes. In most cases there is a need for a period of treatment lasting one or two weeks before pain relief is felt with this type of topical cream.

Although there is proof that topical creams do aid in arthritis pain relief, it is important to understand that they have no benefits when talking about managing the disease or stopping its damage in any way. You will feel less pain but you also need to undergo treatment to improve the condition of the joints affected by the arthritis. The best solution possible is to use proper medication and topical creams only when needed, as a quick acting arthritis pain relief solution. 

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