Extended Wear Contact Lens for People on the Go

Contact lens users dream of the day that they need not remove their contact lenses anymore like a permanent appendage and not worry about it. This is because keeping up with the cleaning and the removing of contact lenses is a tiring thing to do. Most people forget that they have their contact lenses on and wear them to their sleep causing irritation and further damage to the eyes. However, contact lens owners and users do not need to dream anymore; this is because the solution is here and is available for everyone who wants to have contact lens day in and day out. This is called extended wear contact lens.

The name is self-explanatory; it is a type of contact lens that can be worn for an extended period of time. Some extended wear lenses can be worn for over 30 days without removal. Soaking or cleansing. This is sometimes prescribed to people to correct astigmatism. You might be wondering how contact lenses can be healthy for the eyes if it is worn continuously and without removal for over a month, this is because it has special features and is composed of advanced material to provide or allow significantly more oxygen to the eyes keeping it healthy.

The Motivations behind Use of Contact Lens

The eyes are an essential and important organ in the body; without it doing the day-today activities would be very difficult and restricted. This is why people search for different and better ways to see clearly and to improve their eyesight. Using contact lens is one way of having clearer eyesight and is used as an alternative for glasses. Besides the medical point of view, contact lenses also have an aesthetic point of view. People nowadays use contact lenses for their cosmetic use. Adding a different color and design to a person’s eye adds contrast and life to a different and new look for a person.

Teenagers are the biggest market for contact lenses, this is because they are well exposed to the media that push the use and highlight the advantages of having and wearing contact lenses. Another market for extended wear contact lenses is those who need to have perfect eyesight 24 -7. The professions of these people require them to work more than 8 hours or for people who are always on the go who cannot keep up with the cleaning and removal of contact lenses. These people dream to wake up with clear eyesight everyday without having to worry about putting on in the morning or taking off their contact lenses at night.

The Benefits of Extended Wear Contact Lens

Contact lens for extended wear is for people who live an active and busy lifestyle. People who live a very busy lifestyle and are always up and about must absolutely get these types of contact lenses. There is no need to be concerned with safety because there are many studies conducted to prove and test the safety and effectiveness of the product. After years of research, they have already stabilized the safety of these contact lenses.

Besides being safe, it also makes the eyes healthier by curing or treating eye illnesses like astigmatism. Wearing over night or the so called daily contact lens are far more dangerous because if you leave them on longer than they are supposed to or if your forgot to clean them or put a cleansing or moisturizing solution this can cause irritation to the eyes and it may affect the clarity of your vision.

Are you getting on the wagon soon? You need not worry about safety issues anymore. The FDA has already approved of some brands of these extended wear contact lenses. This is based on several medical and scientific studies that show that the material in these contact lenses provide much more oxygen to the corneas making them healthier.

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