In Search of the Best Contact Lens for Dry Eyes

A dry eye is a common disorder of the tear film experienced by many people worldwide. It has two main causes: the lack of tear volume and extreme evaporation of tears. A person who suffers from this disorder feels itching and discomfort of the eye organ. Many factors are attributed as the cause of this disease and one of which is the wearing of contact lens. Because it is one of the causes, it is just logical that eye health care specialists include in their remedy list the manufacturing of contact lens for dry eyes.

Wearing contact lens often aggravate the dry eye syndrome. A person with a mild case may not be encountering the common symptoms until contacts are used. Contacts tend to create an imbalance in tear film production resulting to dry eyes. However, it does not mean that a person suffering from dry eyes can no longer enjoy the convenience of contacts. There are a number of available options, but there are always top choices among them.

The Best Contact Lens for Dry Eyes

Acuvue Oasys is known as the number one prescription contact lens brand in the whole world. It promises to relieve dry eye feeling while the contacts are worn. A set of these contacts are good for a week’s use and must be disposed of after the period. Nightly ritual of taking them off is necessary for cleansing and re-moisturizing the lenses.

Acuvue Advance Contacts are lenses that are also good for one week then disposed to be changed for a new set. They are suited for daywear and must be removed from the eyes every night for cleansing. The lenses are made with silicon hydro gel, a material that gives the contacts the silky soft texture to the eyes. They are tinted as blue to enable the user to easily find them in the lens case.

Ciba 02 Optic lenses are disposed after using for one week. These lenses make it possible for the user to sleep while the contacts are in the eyes. They are also breathable and fully moisturized that the eyes do not feel any discomfort at all.

Focus AirOptix Night and Day Aqua lenses are great for dry eyes. These are the only lenses approved to be used continuously for a month without having to take them out. They boast of the new system to moisturize the lenses, which have the unique feature of having visibility tint. Users claim they are easy to inset into the eyes.

Proclear Compatibles. As FDA claims, the lenses provide the much-sought relief for contact lens users who suffer from symptoms of eye dryness. The soft lenses are made with more water enabling the eyes to breathe through them. They last for a month, but they need to be taken out daily and be put in the saline solution for overnight cleaning. This also allows the lenses to retain water.

Wearing contact lenses can be a better option for people who find the eyeglasses too formal or bothersome. Contact lenses are for those who do not want to be limited in their activities just because something delicate hangs between their noses. With the top choices given here, you can simply ask your eye care specialist, which is the one apt for you. They are the best persons to know especially if you have not tried wearing contacts before. They can also offer to help in case you are one of those people suffering from the dry eyes disease. So cry no more and dry your tears. For sure, one of this contact lens for dry eyes is the one for you.

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