Low Glycemic Foods and the South Beach Diet

If you are diabetic, you must have been told that sticking to low glycemic index diet is about the best way to naturally help your body lower your blood sugar. People who are Internet savvy will not have any difficulty hitting the Web to find all the right foods with low GI (glycemic index). If you are familiar with the South Beach Diet, one of the most popular diets of all time, then you are certainly close to home. This diet is based on the glycemic index and consists of low glycemic foods.

Getting Intimate with the South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet was originally designed by renowned cardiologist Arthur Agatston M.D. and dietician Marie Almon to lower the risk of developing coronary diseases. With a twist of fate, this diet became popular as a weight loss diet because that is the natural consequence when people consume low GI foods. Since South Beach Diet is based on low glycemic index, then it is also a diet that suits diabetics.

Glycemic index is based on the rate at which a carbohydrate-containing food can cause a glycemic response or an increase in the blood sugar. Low glycemic foods are those that are characterized by having low GI.

This diet consists of three phases; each progressively becomes less restrictive with the quantity of the carbohydrate-containing foods. The logic is actually to slowly replace the bad carbs and fats with good ones. There is no counting of calories which makes it easy for people who cannot appreciate or understand the technicality involved in caloric measurements. It is also something that a person can do for as long as one wants to attain the weight goal. However, if one is using the South Beach Diet to manage diabetes or heart disease, then it can be a lifetime diet.

The Unforeseen Benefits

There are good reasons why this diet became very popular in this generation:

• It helps prevent obesity and works towards weight loss. Most low glycemic foods contain lots of fibers which is why these are digested more slowly and make people feel fuller for a longer time. Thus, this kind of diet may make dieters consume lesser calories that can put on unwanted pounds. By sticking to this diet long enough or permanently, the body can shed off more pounds or keep the pounds off permanently too.

• It helps prevent and manage diabetes. This condition is characterized by the body’s inability to metabolize glucose that makes it persists in high levels in the blood. This diet which is based on low glycemic index fosters consumption of food with a low glycemic index or having a GI index not exceeding 50. Hence, South Beach Diet consists of food that is restrictive on carbs and sugars.

• It helps reduce risks of heart disease and other related diseases. Remember that this diet was first designed for this purpose. So, this benefit is not really unforeseen. This diet, however, challenged the diet that was endorsed by the American Heart Association that advocates a low-fat, high carb diet. High GI foods can cause a spike in sugar and insulin in the blood that can potentially elevate cholesterol and triglyceride levels that can contribute to risk of heart disease.

Celebs that ooze with sex appeal like Sarah Jessica Parker, Denise Richards, Eva Mendez, and political icons Bill and Hilary Clinton are among the notable followers of the South Beach diet. There are results that people see which is why many stick to it. It is not also a diet that pushes one to go hungry; one stays full with high-fiber, low glycemic foods for hours on end. For people who want to stay healthy, staying off carbs is a good idea.

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