Grow Taller Secrets Teens and Parents Need to Know

Are you a teenage boy who is always picked last during a basketball game because you’re short? On the other hand, are you a teenage girl who is close to giving up because directors refuse to give you the main role in a ballet production because despite your great technique, you lack in height? These are just some of the constraints that people who are not gifted in height commonly experience. This is the exact reason why many short teens envy the taller ones. However, because they can never choose their parents and because their genes affect their height, they cannot do anything about it; or can they?

Actually, there are some tips or rather steps that teens can do in order for them to gain a little height. There are actually some grow taller secrets that teens can do or follow so they can avoid the life of misery. Hence, it is time to unravel these secrets.

Teens Need Sleep

This is very important for parents to know. That’s because most of the time, they keep nagging their kids about sleeping too much. The fact is they need at least eight to eleven hours of it. Not all parents know this but not only little children needs time to sleep, teens do too. This is because of the verity that the tissues in the body regenerate when they are sleeping. Since the growth stops at 18 for girls and 21 for boys, teens that have not yet reached such age must not lose hope.

Teens Need To Stay Away From Harm

This is another grow taller secret that both teens and parents need to know about. Height can actually be affected by many different factors. If teens want to grow taller, they need to stay away from harmful factors like drugs, alcoholic beverages and of course cigarettes. Though the government made policies about teens using such things, they still find ways to satisfy that crave. Teens think that when they use these, they are going to look so cool and they are going to become popular but actually, this can ruin their growth. It seems like these things are going to make teens look shorter than cooler. Parents as well need to take action if their kids do not know the consequences.

Teens Need To Eat Right

This is not actually a secret since both teens and parents know that eating right is a must and that not eating right has a lot of bad consequences. However, what they do not know about eating right is what it can promote aside from good health; and that is the height. In order for a teen to grow more, their balanced diet needs to focus on some vital nutrients and these are vitamin D, calcium, zinc, and protein. Vitamin D is important because this helps in absorbing calcium. Calcium is important because this promotes bone growth. Zinc deficiency can actually stunt the growth in children and teens. Protein is as well very vital because such nutrient is needed for muscle growth. Deficiency from these nutrients can cause lack of growth. Consequently, it is very important for teens to eat properly and not skip meals especially breakfast since this is the source of energy for the day.

If parents are worried about the lack of height of their kids, then they need to understand that there is only one secret solution and that is good health. With good health, teens can grow to their tallest height. Parents are not the only ones who must have knowledge about this but teens as well.

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