Hiding Premature Gray Hair with the Use of Hair Dye

Every person is going to experience the graying of hair. However, there are those few people who experience it sooner than they expect it. There are those people who experience the graying of hair in their early 20′s and there are even those who experience it as early as their teenage years. Hence, the question everyone who experiences it asks himself or herself, “How can one hide premature gray hair naturally?”

Premature gray hair means…

Gray hair starts to appear because the cells (melanocytes) that create the pigment in the body start to diminish in number, they disappear, or their capacity to produce melanin has waned. If such things happen, not only does gray hair start to appear, but patches or age/liver spots in the skin start to appear. Such condition happens naturally to people when they start aging.

If such thing happens to people at a young age, it is already considered to be premature. This is because of the fact that melanocyte normally start to deteriorate with age. Premature graying of hair has other causes like a medical or genetic problem.

Medical Conditions that Cause Gray Hair

There are actually various medical conditions that can cause the premature graying of hair and it is very important for one to know these different causes. Knowing such causes is vital so that one can fully understand how to cure or manage the said hair problem.

Vitamin B12 deficiency – This medical condition can cause premature graying of hair. Vitamin B12 deficiency can easily be detected through a mere blood test. Vitamin B12 deficiency happens when there is lack of intake of the said vitamin and such thing is as well possible if the stomach fails to absorb it. The failure of absorption may happen because of operations dealing with the stomach and the small intestine. Such medical condition can be cured through a high vitamin B12 diet.

Vitiligo – Another medical condition that can cause premature graying of hair is vitiligo. Vitiligo is hereditary so if one has an older family member that experienced early graying of hair, that person is susceptible to the said condition.

Stress and anxiety – Many people are asking whether stress can really cause graying of hair; such statement is true. When a person lacks sleep and lacks nutrient in the body due to an unbalanced diet, the cells in the body easily deteriorate, thus, causing lack of pigment resulting to grey hair and patches in the skin.

Unhealthy lifestyle – Poor health caused by unhealthy habits – smoking, alcoholism, sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, and poor diet – can also cause premature gray hair.

Gray Hair Remedies

Consequently, for one to be able to cure or prevent gray hair, one needs to know what is causing it. If it is caused by a medical condition, then one needs to cure that condition so that the raying of the hair might also be cured. If it is caused by unhealthy lifestyle, one needs to stay healthy and have at least eight hours of sleep and eat a well-balanced diet. Stressed must be managed; meditation and relaxation are good ways to de-stress. However, if it is hereditary, one can always try to hide it.

For one to be able to hide gray hair, the use of hair dye can help. There are a lot of hair color options for one to use. An individual can choose the hair dye in terms of its longevity; whether one wants to use a hair dye that can last for weeks or a hair dye that is washable with shampoo. One of the burdens that individuals with gray hair face is that though DIY hair dyes are less costly, and seemingly easy to do, one mistake can turn the coloring into disaster. Hence, a number of people prefer going to the salon instead.

If you are one of those who are showing signs of premature gray hair, then it is good for you to know these things. Researches on reversing gray hair is now underway. Who knows, soon enough, the cure might just be found.

Look Mature and Elegant with Gray Hair Dyes

As soon as people start seeing gray hair appearing in their heads, the first thing they do is cover it up with gray hair dyes. Of course, gray hair is a sign of aging. Therefore, perhaps there is no reason for them to let it appear lest one’s real age is revealed. Nevertheless, because of style and fashion, having gray hair is turning out to be “fashionably in” these days.

Many people are already embracing gray hair because of the fact that it can make a person look more mature and elegant. Perhaps, this is because gray hair is associated with age that comes with wisdom. More and more want to dye their hair gray. However, not everyone can pull off such hair color especially if the hairstyle accompanying it is wrong. Before people start dyeing their hair, they need to re-think about it because they might end up looking very funny.

There are actually so many options that one can choose from to get that classy kind of look. If ever a person finally decided to dye their hair gray, here are some ideas to toy with.

• Shades Of Gray

If one thinks that making the decision is hard, then one needs to read all about it to prepare for unexpected possibilities. Before dyeing the hair gray, make sure that you know what shade of gray suits you best. This is one of the most important steps because if ever you commit a blunder, you are not going to look classy, but rather something you may not want.

This is the exact reason why seeking for professional help is highly recommended. People from salons are going to know immediately what shade is going to suite your hair best and they would know how to rectify mistakes if ever it happens.

• DIY Dyeing

If a person is under budget, he or she can purchase a gray hair dye out in the market. These “do-it-yourself” kits can make one save money, but one needs to be very careful in following the instructions because even the slightest mistake can destroy the look one is hoping to achieve.

Some kits can render washable color that suits people with picky taste or those who can’t decide on the color they want to sport. There are those that are more permanent that can be washed off in about 3 to 4 weeks. It is common to see people rushing to in salons for professional help because of a disastrous DIY application. Failures in the process may include uneven shade, undesired shade, and sometimes, the color does not work at all. Hence, it is still highly recommended for people to go to salons instead.

• Appealing and Suitable Hairstyles

Hairstyle is another important decision one needs to make because this can make or break your mature and elegant look. Again, not everyone can look good in gray hair so every detail about it is important. The best kind of hairstyle for gray hair is short, but there are also people who can pull off the long hair look. Everything really depends on the shape of one’s face and one’s personality.

• The Salon

Dyeing a person’s hair may just seem easy, but in reality, it is very hard especially with gray problems. People from the salon are experts in such field so they exactly know what to do with your hair. In addition, these people have had lots of experience they are likely to commit a serious blunder. If ever, these people know how to fix the problem. However, there is only one downside to going to the salon and that is the price.

Sporting gray hair is becoming more accepted these days being a natural thing that denotes. Nevertheless, just in case one wants color, a wide array of gray hair dyes come in very handy these days.

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