What Are Frontline Male Hair Loss Remedies Made Of

Certain good-looking, talented and Hollywood actors – Vin Diesel, Nicholas Cage, Bruce Willis – try to live with hair loss and in the process successfully make it a fashion for hot hunks. But, not every man suffering from hair loss is anything like these three actors. There are many who prefer to have hairs and many who do not feel comfortable that they look half as good. Thus, it is easy to understand why a huge number of balding men want male hair loss remedies despite these men sporting hairless heads.

Men experiencing hair loss must understand that there are many reasons for hair loss such as stress, adverse reactions to certain medications, and underlying diseases. Pattern hair loss, however, cannot be a result of any or combinations of these. Medical and scientific studies have revealed that such baldness cannot be stopped being cause by hormonal (androgens) anomalies that are genetically triggered. This is called Androgenic Alopecia. The genes make the follicles predisposed to respond to the hormones in the manner where the hair becomes miniaturized. This means that for treatments to work, this must address the hormonal issues and/or be able to stimulate the growth of hair. Any other treatment that will not focus on these two areas of treatment cannot claim the same because that will not be providing remedies to the problem attendant to the condition.

There are basically three steps that are essential in the attainment of success in any male hair loss remedies.

1. The first step entails the assessment of the balding pattern. The most common pattern is seen in the receding of hairlines at the temples and also the thinning of hair at the top of the head or ‘the vertex’. The use of the ‘Norwood Scale’ is the method used in identifying the pattern and the degree of hair loss. The pattern is important to be determined because certain treatments and procedures best work in certain patterns. The treatment of hair loss is best started the soonest time it was discovered. With the right product or combination of products, hair loss can be slowed down, the miniaturized hair thickened to look denser or even the effects of hair loss reversed. The degree of hair lost can determine the kind of treatment you need. If it is just starting, Propecia and Nizoral or their substitutes are good enough. If the case has already advance a bit, and you want to thicken whatever is left of your hair, these works well in combination with Rogaine.

2.The most common medications that are approved by US-FDA to treat male pattern baldness are Propecia and Rogaine hair. These two can be combined with other remedies such as Revivogen and Finasteride which like Propecia inhibits dhydrotestosterone (DHT). Rogaine Foam, Rogaine Liquid, Folligen, Tricomin and Crinagen are products that promote hair growth. The products that are called antiandrogens can block DHT from reaching the follicles and the most touted of these is Topical Spironolactone Lotion or S5 Cream. There are also Anti-inflammatory treatments that work against to relieve itching, inflammation, itching, redness, and flaking triggered by the hormonal and immune system interactions in the scalp. This is important for other medications to work and the simplest agent that must be combined with every treatment is Nizoral Shampoo at least twice a week.

3. Knowing what medications work and for what, it is time to pick your core regimen and an enhancing product that is determined by what corollary hair problem you want to address. The core regimen may include: Propecia, Rogaine Foam (Minoxidil), and concealer. Any of these can be combined with Tricomin Therapy Spray, Topical Spironolactone (S5 Lotion), Revivogenand Crinogen. These can all work well with Nizoral as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Male hair loss remedies have not really been very effective because basic science research has not completely answered the gaps in the genetic and molecular studies of male baldness patterns. It is quite clear, however, that this is caused by hormonal and genetic aberrations. Therefore, any solution targeted to address this type of hair loss must be able to address the hormonal concerns and sufficiently stimulate hair growth. Thus, each time a product is encountered for hair loss, checkout the active ingredients and the effects.

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