Is Red Wine Good for Heart Health?

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the impact drinking alcoholic drinks such as wine have on the health of your heart. A lot of research has been done by experts from around the world in order to study how the moderate consumption of wine results in a reduced risk of coronary artery disease.

Wine, like all other alcoholic drinks, has often been blamed for a myriad of heart health related issues. Consumption in moderation does not cause much damage, but like everything consumed in excess, alcoholic beverages can lead to numerous health problems, including those related to the heart. Scientists have been working for many years to identify the particular ingredient in red wine which has often been associated with the betterment of heart health, and create a wine which would benefit your heart without causing any risk to it.

A large number of scientists who have participated in such research studies have concluded that a substance found in red wine called resveratrol resulted in various health benefits. That is why it has aroused a lot of interest around the world. This particular substance is found in the fruits of numerous plants including grapes, peanuts, and mulberries amongst others. This substance was first identified back in the early 1960s when scientists were researching how effective Asian herbal medicines are. During this process, they discovered the presence of resveratrol in grapevines, and later on in 1992, scientists reported that it was present also in red wine.

Therefore, scientists have indicated that those wines which have a higher concentration of this particular substance can be considered as good for the health of your heart, and it has also been found that red wine contains more resveratrol compared to white wine. Wine which is manufactured using grapes from Pinot Noir in France is supposed to have the highest concentration of resveratrol.

You might be surprised to note that grape juice does not contain any amount of resveratrol and researchers have been stunned by this discovery, and so far, no one has been able to explain how this is possible considering the fact that the fresh grapes contain ample amounts of resveratrol. Resveratrol happens to be quite beneficial to human health in the sense that it acts like a natural antibiotic helping to protect your body from various diseases, together with various fungal and viral infections. 

Due to its anti inflammatory properties, resveratrol is also considered good for the health of your heart and helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Red wines usually contain around 160 mcg of this substance per ounce.

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