Sunflower Seeds and Heart Health

There are many ingredients in the natural food you eat which allow you to lead a healthy and highly active lifestyle while ensuring that the various organs in your body are able to optimize their performance. The health of the heart is of utmost importance since this organ performs the essential function of pumping blood to each and every part of your body. If it suffers from a particular medical condition, the consequences may be dire.

The connection between the health of your heart and sunflower seeds is all about the nutrients found in these wonderful seeds together with the oil extracted from them. They are very beneficial for your heart’s health. However, please keep in mind that your heart’s health does not completely depend upon a regular consumption sunflower seeds, especially if you are leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. 

Most people tend to eat sunflower seeds in the form of snacks, and it would be wrong to say that they eat the seed since what we consume only happens to be the kernel. While the seeds being sold in the market these days may be considered to be a healthy option, most of the products manufactured by various companies happen to be processed. Also, most companies include salt which makes them a rather unhealthy option.

The high sodium chloride content is not at all healthy for those individuals who have been suffering from high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, for those people who are suffering from heart health problems as a result of obesity, the presence of a high content of salt in their diet only ends up countering their efforts to lose weight. By consuming high amounts of sodium chloride, you only end up gaining more weight. Eating the salted sunflower seed versions would therefore have a negative effect on your overall health.

Nutritionists have been recommending households to replace butter and other vegetable oils with sunflower seed oil since it is healthier and has higher nutritional value. Sunflower seeds also contain a lot of fibers which are very good for your heart health. They also help in streamlining the digestion process.

It is very unfortunate that the diet of the average American consists of abnormally high levels of saturated, animal and trans fats which are very unhealthy and detrimental for the health of your heart.

Lastly, sunflower seeds happen to be a very good source of vitamin E which is very good for heart health, making them a great natural supplement for this particular nutrient.

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