What Is Maternity Acupressure and Is It Safe

Most women dream of getting married and having kids. Some women are blessed to have this dream come into reality. Indeed, many women do get married, settle down, and start having kids. Nevertheless, nobody said that this would be easy especially when it comes to childbirth. It is an old saying that a child can only repay her mother after she has given birth as well. This is because childbirth is one of the most painful things a woman can ever physically feel. Luckily for some women, there are ways on hot to ease up on child birth. There are natural ways on how to induce labor. One of this is maternity acupressure. However, what is maternity acupressure? What are the benefits of maternity acupressure? How does maternity acupressure induce labor or childbirth? Is maternity acupressure safe? To answer these questions here are some information about maternity acupressure.

All about what is maternity acupressure.

• Maternity acupressure is a practice done by the Chinese people for hundreds of years. This is just like acupuncture, but instead of using the needles the therapists uses pressure on the different parts of the body if a pregnant woman.

• There are studies that show that 83% of women who uses maternity acupressure have better and faster labor and childbirth compared to those who use medicines to induce labor. Research shows that through the use of maternity acupressure, labor time is lessened and labor pain is not as intense. This just shows how effective maternity acupressure is.

• Now the question is, is maternity acupressure safe? After years of research, western culture has already approved of this type of therapy or method of inducing childbirth. Not only because it is effective but also because it is found to be very safe and natural. The World Health Organization along with the United States National Institutes of Health has already approved and recommended the use of maternity acupressure and validated that it is indeed safe for pregnant women and their children.

• After answering the questions of what is maternity acupressure is and if it is safe to use, the next questions is how maternity acupressure can help in naturally inducing the labor. Maternity acupressure is a method in which a person applies an amount of pressure to a certain part of the body.

1. This helps in dilating the cervix of the woman which helps speed up slow early labor. This helps in stimulating the contractions during labor thus helping the baby to come out without stressing them.

2. Besides the fact that this helps in inducing labor, this can also be used during the delivery of the child. This helps in relieving a woman from the stress, anxiety, pain and suffering that is due to the labor and delivery of the child.

3. Another reason why many doctors, obstetricians, and gynecologists recommended it is that maternity acupressure does not over stimulate the body of the mother. This means that it is incapable of distressing the baby. Maternity acupressure is just an optimal way of allowing the body to work on its natural course. This does not change or alter the body; it only enhances the capabilities of the natural self.

In reality, many people, especially pregnant women, ask questions about maternity acupressure. Though there are many ideas on what is maternity acupressure that can be found on the internet, it is still best to ask a physician about it. Before trying anything on a pregnant woman, it is best to seek professional help to make sure that the mother and the child are both safe.

All about Maternity Acupressure Pressure

There are a lot of reasons why pregnant women want to have induced labor. The very first reason is that pregnant women or mothers-to-be are so eager to see their baby. They cannot wait to see their precious child being born into this world. Odd as the idea may be, there are really mothers who want their baby sooner so long as the baby’s development is already full. Another reason is that the pregnant mother already feels tired and agitated in carrying the baby in her womb. Some even have serious problems and difficulties in sleeping or some have so much stress and fatigue during the day. All these things may be normal, but to most women, this is so tiring and sometimes can even be depressing. This is why most women result to using maternity acupressure.

Why women want to have induced labor

Besides the said reasons, there are also some dilemmas that a mother faces during pregnancy. If the mother-to-be has certain ailments like gestational diabetes or high blood pressure, the physician might recommend labor induction. This is because the mother and the child might be at risk if the pregnancy is prolonged. Another problem is that if the physician sees the baby as being too small or too big. The physician may also recommend inducing the pregnancy or the labor for the baby to have a bigger chance of survival. Rather than faced a medically induced labor, maternity pressure can instead be adopted.

How maternity acupressure induces labor

By using the maternity acupressure pressure points, this may prevent a pregnant woman to undergo cesarean section. This is because by adding pressure to these maternity pressure points this will help the body go into labor in the safest and most natural way. This uses pressure from the different parts of the body to help contract the uterus and induce the labor. There are no needles and no medications needed that is why it is called a non-invasive treatment or method.

Maternity acupressure helps the cervix dilate. When a woman is in labor, it is still not possible to give birth because the cervix must be fully dilated. Maternity acupressure does the task very efficiently and effectively. This means that this helps in speeding up slow early labor. Maternity acupressure pressure also helps the baby descend from the uterus while helping stimulate the contractions during labor.

The beauty of this method is that it does not over stimulate the body of the pregnant woman. It also does not stress out the baby, unlike other methods and medicines. This is because this method just helps the body go through its natural flow. It helps the body perform better by enhancing the pressure points of the body in an optimal way.

Don’t risk the baby’s health

Some labor inducers tend to have serious risks for the baby. This is because when the body of the mother goes under too much stress, this also distresses the baby inside the uterus. But, when it comes to maternity acupressure, labor is induced but the baby is not harmed in the smallest way. For thousands of years, maternity acupressure has been used all over the world. It has also gained so much attention in the western culture triggering a lot of people and organizations to learn about this method. It has been proven, even by the World Health Organization, that this treatment or therapy is safe not just for the mother but for the child as well.

This is safe for the baby because the labor is made easier and shorter; this helps avoid the baby from getting stressed. It also prevents physicians from using medical interventions. Sometimes, the natural way is always the best way. Safety always comes first and after so many years of research, using maternity acupressure pressure points is found to be not just the cheapest and the safest way to induce labor.

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