Renegade Diet Review for Beginners

The Renegade Diet book, which was authored by the famous fitness enthusiast, Jason Ferruggia, has received quite a few positive feedbacks on the Internet. Because of how everything is laid out, many consider the book to be more of a diet course. The tips, strategies, and principles that Jason gives in the book are fairly easy to follow and implement in one’s everyday life. In today’s world, having healthy eating habits is indeed not an easy thing to accomplish. But, with the Renegade Diet, anyone who is determined to be in good shape can get it done.

For those of you who wish to know more about this diet program, reading a Renegade Diet review can help. Thousands of weight loss books are sold in the market and it can be confusing to make a choice. Renegade Diet reviews provide you with bits and pieces of information that you are not aware of. Those who have tried Jason’s diet plan can give you the pros and cons of the program in a more or less constructive manner. Aside from the Internet, newspapers and magazines are also a good source of reviews.

The first few pages of the book tell about how Jason started with the Renegade Diet. For 20 long years, the famous training adviser for Men’s Fitness Magazine tried several diet programs in an attempt to find one that really works. Unfortunately, some diet plans caused him to become too fat, while others made him small and weak. Until one day, he came up with the Renegade Diet and discovered that it is the perfect regimen for people like him who want to gain muscles without getting fat.

So, what does the book contain? The Chapter One of the book basically provides readers insights on how to change eating and training habits in order to address certain problems such as high and low hormone levels and bad digestion. Chapter Two, meanwhile, talks about the common dietary myths that most people follow. Fasting and building muscles are the main focus of Chapter Three. Chapter Four discusses the fasting principles of the diet. Here, one will learn when to do fasting and how to time this phase. Chapter Five, meanwhile, explains the under eating phase. The overeating phase, on the other hand, is explained thoroughly in Chapter Six. Chapters Seven to Seventeen are a little shorter and basically talk about topics such as morning training options, supplements, and Renegade Diet Rules, to name a few.

A good number of people who have tried this diet plan say that by following Jason’s regimen, they were able to shed fats while having a good built. It is not surprising that there are plenty of outstanding Renegade Diet reviews found on the Internet. Although some claim that the program is difficult to stick to, others say that it only takes discipline and determination in order to succeed. As a matter of fact, some individuals who are just halfway done reading and following the book have already noticed positive results with their bodies. Yet another great Renegade Diet review that it receives is that the diet plan does not interfere with one’s social life.

In conclusion:

Overall, the Renegade Diet plan is effective in losing unwanted fats while gaining muscles along the way. Nevertheless, just as it is with other popular diets like South Beach and others, it is always a good idea to find out everything you can about the Renegade Diet before trying it. There are many Renegade Diet reviews on the Internet that will support this claim. In addition, after having your fill of reviews, consult with your doctor or nutritionist to make sure you’ll start with the diet program on the right track.

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