What to Expect if You Want to Quit Smoking in Seven Days

Putting an end to smoking can be more successful if you do not let another day pass to start doing it. Once you have decided to quit, immediately pick a date while you are still highly motivated. The sooner you set off, the sooner you can prove that it is possible to quit smoking in 7 days and move on to the next days with the cigarette completely out of your life.

Whichever date you begin, you need to be warned about the bumpy ride ahead because to quit smoking in 7 days entails a lot of physical, emotional and psychological discomfort which can easily smother your determination. However, there are ways to clear the road to make you more prepared and better equipped as you stand firm in fighting against the number one cause of cardiovascular diseases and premature death in the whole world.

How to Prepare to Quit Smoking in 7 Days

Remove everything that may remind you of your smoking habit. Get rid of smoking paraphernalia like cigarette packs, lighters, ashtrays and others. Do not stock up on cigarettes because it is always tempting to reach for a cigarette stick knowing there is an available supply that lies somewhere among your things.

Prepare for the unpleasant sensations you are most likely to experience. Have a ready supply of nicotine replacement products and other items like sugar-free candies or gums to curb the withdrawal symptoms. Having something to munch replaced the physical action of putting a stick on your mouth.

Let your family, friends and colleagues know that you are starting a program to quit smoking in 7 days. You may want to gain their support and for them to be easy on you in such way as to avoid smoking in your presence or to cheer on your lonesome crusade against smoking. They will understand if you appear distant for a couple of days to mean that you are trying to avoid social events where you may be tempted to puff a few smokes.

Going Through the Crucial Days of the Week

Day 1: This is the official day that you have quit smoking. Get your healthy alternatives to stand by so you can readily grab for them when you suddenly feel the urge to smoke. Find something to do or be busy with to get the thought out of your mind.

Day 2: While your brain is missing the usual dose of nicotine, your heart is beginning to respond positively to the absence of the addictive substance. On your second day, the levels of carbon monoxide and oxygen are back to normal. You may feel some tingling sensations on your extremities, but these are normal reactions of the body when more oxygen is introduced. You have now decreased your chances of a heart attack.

Day 3: You can now smell the aroma of your coffee and savour the taste of your dishes because your sense of smell and taste had been restored. Your nerve endings are starting to grow back.

Day 4: As you become more appreciative of what you have missed during your smoking days, list down the reasons why you want to remain smoke-free. Use the items in your list to reinforce your decision to quit and to realize that life is too wonderful to give up.

Day 5: Start weaning yourself away from the nicotine replacement drugs. By this time, the body is already nicotine-free and the physical craving for it is gone.

Day 6: You will start to feel a difference in your breathing as you walk, climb the stairs or perform some exercises. Being smoke-free relaxes your bronchial tubes thus it makes breathing easier. However, you need to consult your doctor prior to working on more strenuous exercises and to check your other health concerns.

Day 7: You have just gone through the 7-day smokeless test. Keep your determination intact since you have already successfully surpassed days without any trace of nicotine in your body.

Congratulations. Your desire to quit smoking in 7 days proves to one and all that it is possible to do. You have just completed an important accomplishment that you alone can do for yourself. Now, it is time to do something about those yellow teeth of yours. You need to flash those big grins to let the world know that you are now 100% smoke-free.

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